Samir V. Kamat, Chairman of DRDO in an interview with Financial Express confirmed that the fabrication of India’s 5th Gen AMCA fighter jet program is yet to begin as DRDO waits for a final nod from the government of India. ADA and DRDO have asked for 15000 crores as official funding for the development of the AMCA program that will cover the initial cost of 5 prototypes and a few pre-production aircraft in multiple phases.

Kamat confirmed that the preliminary design has been finalized and the program has moved to the comprehensive design review (CDR) phase which is also progressing well. in past has been told that the CDR phase is likely will be completed by end of this year or in early 2023 and by mid or late 2023 The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will likely give the final nod to program.

AMCA program will be executed under the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Model where private sector companies will be collaborating with DRDO and HAL in manufacturing the fighter units when it enters production in an upcoming new facility in the Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Defence Industrial Corridor. IAF has assured purchase orders for 7 Squadrons of the AMCA fighter jets when it enters production in 2031-32.

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