Dr. Girish Deodhare, program Director of ADA speaking to Defence correspondence Anantha Krishnan has confirmed that the company has completed the preliminary design review (PDR) stage in November 2020 for India’s upcoming 5.5th Generation AMCA fighter jet program and the critical design review (CDR) stage has begun and the configuration has been frozen.

National Aerospace Laboratories has completed all Wind tunnel testing and structural design changes that reflect changes made to the AMCA design. Deodhare officially has confirmed that AMCA will sport A Diverterless supersonic inlet (DSI) air intake that will incorporate a 3D “bump” in front of the air intake as reported earlier by for improved stealth features.

A full-scale model (1:1) of AMCA is being manufactured by VEM Technologies for stealth measurements, that will be ready by mid of this year. A 1:1 scale model will be featuring all final frozen design changes in the aircraft. AMCA will be sharing some of the Line-replaceable units (LRU)s that were developed, for the Tejas Mk2 Program and some more LRUs are being developed only for the AMCA program.

The rollout of the first Technology Demonstrator of the AMCA is expected in 2024 and the first flight likely in 2025. Scale model of AMCA with DSI air intakes is to be showcased at Aero India that will further improve the stealthiness of the aircraft. Materials and Research required to make a stealth aircraft have been developed but ADA doesn’t want to compare it with any present 5th Generation stealth fighter jets.

AMCA Mk1 powered by Two F414-GE-INS6 engines will enter production sometime after 2030 and AMCA Mk2 powered by a new 110kN thrust class engine will enter production in 2034. Indian Air Force (IAF) has committed to procure 40 AMCA Mk1 and 100 AMCA Mk2 fighter jets and some units of Unmanned variant of the AMCA also.

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