Aliabbas Petiwala, a consultant from Bengaluru, clarified on Monday that the allegations against him regarding his connections with terror outfit IS and subsequent arrest by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) were baseless and false. “These statements in the media are completely false and baseless, as we have clarified in our affidavits and even the NIA has already filed a charge sheet and I am not even accused in the case but as a witness nor was I ever arrested,” he explained.

Aliabbas further maintained, “We want to reiterate that I am not even an accused in any case; rather, I was called as witness and am providing cooperation in the legal proceedings.” “We had no idea about the case until I was called to witness and shown some interaction messages with the accused dated to 2014 which were the basis of the search. I am committed to abiding by all laws and regulations,” Aliabbas stated.

“The NIA during our meeting called me an “asset to the nation” and also praised my work in the society. We want to reiterate that we are not even accused parties in any case. Moreover, I have written against all forms of extremism and opposed all extremism and believe in peaceful coexistence and help in nation building. I have been actively involved in local governance bodies to help improve governance,” he said.

“The publication of these false and defamatory statements has caused significant harm to our reputation, as well as our professional and personal lives. “We have also received threats and harassment from unknown individuals, which has put our safety at risk,” Aliabbas explained. “Charge sheet has already been filed and he is not accused but a witness in the case,” says Aliabbas. The article was published on December 13. On December 9, 2023, the NIA conducted a search operation and raided more than 12 locations in Bengaluru. Sources said that the NIA had raided these locations after tracking terror trails.