We all know that Brahmo 1 has a range of 300 kms (298 kms actually) in accordance with MTCR regulations. Jointly developed by India and Russia Brahmos is based on the Yakhont missile, whose actual range is 600 kms. How the range was capped at under 300 kms, simple by filling the propellant fuel tank less than 50% or less t han half only.

After negotiations started for India’s entry into MTCR the missiles’ fuel tank was filled up to 75% or 3/4 that allowed its range to be extended to 450kms. After it was confirmed that India is part of MTCR the Block3 missiles were built with full propellant furl tank giving the missile a range of 600 kms but as customary India understates its missile range at 550kms only.

One needs to understand the range was extended only by filling the propellant fuel tank and not by increasing the length or width of the missile. While it is confirmed that Brahmos is the fastest supersonic cruise missile in the world and Brahmos 2 which will be derived from Russian Zircon hypersonic missile with 600 km range, will also be built. A smaller derivative, Brahmos Mini with range of 300kms only will also be developed for air force and navy. This missile can be fired from any fighter jet in IAF inventory and from any torpedo tube of IN submarine.

As the longer-range requirements are to be filled with subsonic Nirbhay missile with minimum range of 700 kms and maximum range of 1400 kms for use by IA, IAF and IN. as such there is no need to develop a 800km or 1500 km range Brahmos. Even if developed it will be a frightfully expensive missile to be built as that will require an entire new engine and a new propellant that will make it an unviable deal. As such there is no chance of a 800 km or 1500 km Brahmos missile.

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