In Mid of this year, In an event of L&T Defence at its facility at PMSC Coimbatore first glimpses of Next Generation Akash which will soon begin its developmental trials by mid of next year. Akash-NG sports radical new design minus four long tube ramjet inlet ducts which are seen in the older Akash1 and Akash-1S.

Learning from its expertise in the development of Indo-Israeli MR-SAM and LR-SAM air defense system, dual pulse solid propulsion and indigenous Active radar seeker which, backed by an Aesa Radar will be a leap of generation of the Search and Track technology currently used by the Akash-1 and Akash-1S Air Defence system.

According to the newer information available, Akash-NG will sport a Canister system mounted on a Truck for easy mobility and each system will have Six missiles ready to fire at a moments notice. While the range of the missile has been claimed from 35 to 50 km it will be slotted in below Indo-Israeli MR-SAM Air Defence system in Indian Army and Indian Air force but unconfirmed reports also suggest that the missile will have a 55-60 km range closer to MR-SAM Air Defence system and will be a cheaper alternative to the expensive Indo-Israeli MR-SAM which can’t be mass produced.

Akash-NG already has interest from several countries in the neighborhood and Vietnam and India have discussed export of the Akash-NG variant after Vietnam showed more interest in it then Akash-1 variant in recent meets due to which India is yet to close a deal with Vietnam. India and Vietnam in the last few years explored the possible transfer of technology and local production of Akash-1 variant, which could have become the first major export order for Indian air defense system which now will happen when Akash-NG is cleared for production.



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