While Pakistani Military still denies that it has lost an F-16B Twin-seat Variant to an older generation Indian Mig-21Bis fighter jet in yesterdays dogfight over LOC, Senior ranking IAF Officer Air Marshal Raghunath Nambiar in his tweet has named that the pilot killed in F-16B crash was Wing Commander Shahzaz Ud Din of No 19 Squadron which belongs to PAF’s F-16 Squadron.

Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor Spokesperson Pakistan Armed Forces yesterday had claimed that two Indian jets were shot down by PAF and three Indian Pilots were captured, a local eye witness from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) also claimed he saw three pilots ejecting from two jets, by end of the day, Ghafoor backtracked and said only one pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan was in their custody. Pakistani PM Imran Khan in his televised speech also claimed Two Migs were shot down and Indian Pilots were in their custody.

Which raised speculations that other two pilots from other jets might have been Pakistani Air Force Pilots which crashed on the Pakistani side of the line of control.

According to multiple Sources, both Pakistani Pilots had made successful ejections in POK, but one dead Pilot suggests that he might have suffered serious injuries post-ejection. Other unconfirmed reports suggest that the injured pilot might have been beaten to death by locals thinking he was an Indian pilot, but it remains unconfirmed yet since Pakistan has still has owned losing an F-16 to Indian Mig-21.

Nambiar added that he was the brave son of Air Marshal Waseem Ud Din, DCAS(Operations) and ended with Rest in Peace (RIP)

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