Retired air chief marshal B.S. Dhanoa, who headed the Indian Air Force till last year, countered the Global Times claim, questioning the technical features of the J-20 especially its Stealth characters of the jet which Chinese claim is 5th generation equivalent to Western 5th generation fighter jets like F-22 and F-35 ad now Air Marshal Raghu Nambiar (R) too questioned Stealth characters of the Chinese J-20 while speaking to, where he raised some serious questions.

Nambiar said that J-20s are powered by the same AL-31F engines which power India’s Su-30MKI fleet of 270 jets and HAL has produced around 900 engines so we know this engine has power but nowhere it can be adapted for stealth aircraft. Nambiar probably was referring to the lack of heat management features in this engine which is usually found in Stealth jets to reduce their rear profile to the Radars.
The side profile and rear profile of the J-20 shows it has no stealth in these areas, to begin with, whatever frontal stealth profile it might have is compromised by the addition of canards, small fore-planes on its forward fuselage. Dhanoa also had questioned the use of canards which add to an aircraft’s radar cross-section. They are not found on the US F-22 and F-35 and the Russian Su-57 stealth fighters. The Rafale incidentally uses canards but Rafale never claims to be 5th generation fighter jet.

Nambiar also said that one of the features that AL-31F engines lack is the ability to Super-cruise. Super-cruise is the capability of an aircraft to fly over the speed of sound without using afterburner, an engine component into which additional fuel is directly injected to maximize thrust. The moment a jet engages maximum thrust it blips bigger on a Radar monitor and the capability to super-cruise is generally considered to be an important requirement for a Stealth jet to reduce its rear profile against incoming Infra red seeking missiles

Dhanoa once even said that “Su-30 radar is good enough and can pick it (J-20) up from many kilometres away,”. Western Analysts too in past have said that unlike the US’s F-22 and F-35 stealth jets, the J-20 doesn’t have all-aspect stealth and from some angles, the J-20 isn’t stealthy.

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