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Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) will start getting the first units of Coastal BrahMos cruise missile from India later this year and the training of the crew already has begin in India last year as India commenced supply of support system to the Philippines.

Philippines which is not a member of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) regime will be getting a BrahMos variant that is limited to 290km but a Philippine Military backed thinktank report confirms that even with limited range, coastal batteries of Brahmos will be able to dominate and offer defensive firepower to the country at many choke points.

Thinktank report backs the idea of equipping coastal batteries on some of the non-combatant ships that will also provide an interim solution and increased offensive firepower to the Philippine Navy. Truck-based coastal batteries of Brahmos on Auxiliary support ships or cargo ships can provide much-needed offensive firepower as equipping this missile on the frontline warships will take time and require structural modifications.

After Philippine Marine Corps (PMC), Philippine Navy is very much interested in acquiring this firepower and knowing its limits it is keen to explore other options to make it also an offensive firepower.

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