It was revealed earlier this month that the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, the nation’s most dependable rocket, will shortly be produced and deployed by the private sector (PSLV). The ISRO Chairman Dr. S. Somnath said on Monday, during the launch of India’s first satellite broadband service, that commercial consortiums will soon manufacture India’s big rockets, i.e. the rockets known as Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicles (GSLV).

When asked if ISRO will work with the private sector to develop heavier launch vehicles, the ISRO director responded in the affirmative.

Dr. Somnath said, “Our long-term goal is to hand over all operational launches to be rebuilt, relaunched, and operated on a commercial basis by NSIL (New Space India Limited) [ISRO’s commercial arm]. In due course, we will be handing over the manufacturing of GSLV-MK III and SSLV to industrial consortiums.

“We are also looking at how in the future rockets may be created, planned, and manufactured by consortiums, companies, and NSIL for a better, cost-effective structure. This model will be evolving in due course of time,” the ISRO chairman continued.

It is important to remember that India’s GSLV series is the largest launch vehicle currently in use. The head of ISRO further stated that India’s private space sector was expanding.

Dr. Somnath stated, “We hope that it will happen and NSIL will move towards that market. We believe that the satellites which are coming up in the private ecosystem which is definitely going to happen. That’s the market we are looking at. We are also seeing the growth of the industry significantly in India. Not only small satellites but bigger satellites are also being built here.