India and the Philippines are in talks for the purchase of several defence platforms from India including the Brahmos missile and according to Philippines media and Indian, both have moved past price negotiation talks for the BrahMos cruise missile jointly developed by India and Russia and intend to conclude a deal in Q3 of 2020 for Truck Based BrahMos Batteries for coastal defence.

Informed sources close to have told that Indonesia is also in the early stages of exploring the procurement of the BrahMos missiles from India along with Vietnam and Thailand.

The Philippines also has shown interest in acquiring BrahMos for Anti-ship missions to be installed on their frontline warships. Growing Chinese muscularity in the South China Sea (SCS) has prompted many countries in the region to beef up their Naval defenses by acquiring weapons ranging from Patrol boats to submarines to counter growing interference of Beijing in the area.

The Philippines will be getting Anti-Ship BrahMos version for Coastal defense with a range of 290km, Indonesia to has shown interest in Coastal batteries of BrahMos and have been briefed about BrahMos-A which can be carried by a Sukhoi-30MKI. Indonesian Air Force operates a small fleet of Su-27 and Su-30MK2s which will require considerable modifications to the airframe if Indonesia decides also to acquire BrahMos-A also soon.


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