GTRE also recently revealed that is also working to develop a small turbojet engine of 1kN thrust class that can be used for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), target drones, light sport aircraft, and gliders with an additional engine. According to GTRE components have been developed for internal evaluation and based on the reviews a version-2 was later designed with major improvements.

GTRE also is working on developing a small turbojet engine of 2.7kN thrust class for which detailed design of the engine is completed and soon work on the prototype engine will start. this 2.7kN thrust class turbojet engine will be used on an air-launched air to surface missile system that is under development.

GTRE is also working to develop a new afterburner section with variable area nozzle and TVC technology for the Dry Kaveri engine for which limited trials have been conducted.

The ‘Manik’ STFE is a bypass turbofan engine of 4.4kN thrust class designed and developed by the GTRE for the ITCM program that will eventually find its way into the LRLACM (Long-Range Land Attack Cruise Missile ) program that is under development. STFE engine performed well during the short-range test, that was conducted last august and plans are to make further advancements to make it more powerful and faster.

STFE engine has several advanced features, like state-of-the-art Control System (Digital Engine Control and Advanced Fuel Controls Systems, Pyro Systems), mid-air starting with pyro devices, wide chord fan, mixed flow compressor and slinger combustor, high-speed alternator, uncooled high-pressure turbine blades, and BLISK LPT, shrouded low-pressure turbine blades.

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