The security forces have succeeded in vacating Budhapahad, the most secure place of the Maoists. After Operation Octopus at Budhapahar, the Maoists were forced to flee the area. After Budhapahad, the next target of security forces is to free Palamu, Latehar and Chatra border from Naxal organizations, Cobra, CRPF, Jaguar, ZAP, IRB together are deciding strategy to make the area Naxal free.

In the next few days, a big Naxal operation will be launched in the area. The squad of banned Naxalite organization CPI Maoist, Third Conference Presentation Committee (TSPC), Jharkhand Janmukti Parishad (JJMP) is active in the area.

The top Maoists who fled from Budhapahar and Chhakarbandha are making this area their hideout. A top IPS officer told that a strategy has been decided against the Naxalites in the area and many Naxal commanders are on the target of the police. A campaign will be launched soon to make the area Naxal-free.

The border area of ??Palamu, Chatra and Latehar connects the middle zone of the Maoists and the Cuckoo Conch zone. Some security forces camps in the area were evacuated for the Budhapahar campaign. Maoists and Naxal organizations wanted to take advantage of this and wanted to set up a new squad in the area. After getting the information in this regard from the security agencies, a strategy has been decided for the entire area.

Top Maoist Naveen Yadav, who surrendered before the police, had given many important information to the security forces and the police in this regard. This area is a major part of the Chhakarbandha and Budha Pahar corridor of the Maoists. Although there are more than a dozen police camps in this area. From the point of view of the campaign, some camps were evacuated from the area of ??Palamu Latehar.

More than a dozen top Naxalites are active in Palamu, Chatra and Latehar border areas, on whom there is a reward of lakhs of rupees. The squad is active in the area under the leadership of Gautam Paswan, a prize of 25 lakhs, Manohar Ganjhu, a prize of 15 lakhs, Neeraj Kharwar, a prize of 15 lakhs, Arvind Mukhiya, a prize of 10 lakhs, Sunil Yadav, a prize of 10 lakhs, the top commander of the banned Naxalite organization CPI Maoist in the area.

At the same time, the squad is active under the leadership of the top commander of the banned Naxalite organization Third Conference Presentation Committee, Invasion Ganjhu with a prize of 15 lakhs, Shashikant with a prize of 10 lakhs. At the same time, the squad is active under the leadership of Jharkhand Janmukti Parishad’s 10 lakh prize Pappu Lohra, 05 lakh prize Sunil Oraon.