With Bernie Sanders presidential campaign ” Berned out ” after US Democratic Party started working in favor of rival Joe Biden for president which many in India see has a shift from hardline leftist/Islamic driven agenda back to neutral by the Democratic Party which was in a way had been hijacked by Bernie Sanders Congresswoman like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar which have been coming hard at traditional allies of United States which pushed many traditional democratic voters towards President Donald Trump camp who is looking forward for its second presidency later this year.

Omar and Tlaib who went out of the party lines have been hard critics of democratically elected leaders world over while staying mum over dictators in the Middle East and China, which worked well with the some of the left-leaning media houses in the country but not so well with the traditional democratic voters of the Democratic Party.

Anti-Anti-Semitism against Israel and rising Hinduphobia against India in general by Two Muslim Congresswoman of Democratic Party-backed by notorious dictators from the Middle East with Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders saw a most coordinated attack on both Internal policies of Israel and India in recent times while trying paint both countries being Islamophobic in nature.

AOC, Omar, and Tlaib have been critical of India in almost all ways and have peddled narratives set by Indian leftist liberals and Islamists to create a hateful atmosphere in the minds of local Americans. Squad repeated Pakistani narrative on Kashmir after India pulled Article 370 from its constitution and even try to bring resolution against India and even participated in debates against India in the US House of Representatives many times.

Not only Kashmir, but even India’s CAA and NRC Citizenship laws were also talked about by the Squad much to the discomfort of many other Democratic Party leaders before delegates came together to back Joe Biden in United States presidential primary elections.

Joe Biden might have been the only presidential candidate who has not spoken on any matters of India including hot debated Kashmir issue and has stayed away from giving an opinion on India’s CAA and NRC which for the first time showed that real democrats didn’t want to hit India on its internal policies like Squad wanted to show and in fact when Joe Biden was Vice president in Obama administration always had a positive attitude towards India.

Whether President Donald Trump gets elected or Joe Biden becomes President in 2021 of the United States, India will be much comfortable with either becoming president now than Bernie Sanders.

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