Indian Private-sector developed loitering munition has caught the eyes of several African countries that have to send queries and interests on the purchase of loitering munitions that are being manufactured by different private sector starts up in India to meet Indian Army’s requirements.

Indian-developed loitering munitions are 40% cheaper than imports from European countries and more reliable than the Chinese ones that few countries in Africa had brought in the past. Several African countries due to economic sanctions on Russia and tensions between China and several countries are approaching Indian private sector companies for small-arms ammunition for their requirements. has been told that some African countries have shown interest in the purchase of swarm drones that are being developed locally in India due to ongoing wars in Ukraine and Armenia where both loitering munition and swarm drones have played a key role in the outcome of the war.

Indian drone makers already have entered African markets with various commercial drones on offer and already have cracked some deals in sectors like mapping and agriculture which till now were predominantly ruled by Chinese drone manufacturers.

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