The Afghanistani embassy in New Delhi has refuted claims of a leadership change following reports that the Taliban regime had replaced the Afghan Ambassador in the Indian capital. The Afghan news outlet, Khaama Press, had reported that Mohammad Qadir Shah was appointed by the Taliban foreign ministry in Kabul to lead the embassy in Delhi.

However, embassy employees in the Indian capital strongly denied these claims and accused Shah of disseminating false information. In a statement released on Monday, the embassy clarified that it is taking a firm stance to safeguard the genuine interests of Afghan nationals.

“The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan categorically rejects the claims made by an individual purporting to have taken charge of the mission in New Delhi on behalf of the Taliban administration,” stated the embassy. It then expressed gratitude to the Indian government for recognizing the plight of the Afghan people and refraining from acknowledging the Taliban regime. In August 2021, the Taliban regime seized control of Afghanistan through a devastating military coup, imposing severe restrictions on basic human rights, particularly women’s rights.

The embassy further emphasized that the individual claiming to be the “charge d’affairs” appointed by the Taliban has been responsible for spreading misinformation and conducting a baseless campaign against embassy officials. The accusations, including unfounded allegations of corruption based on an unsigned letter, were deemed entirely fabricated by the embassy.