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The Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI) inaugurated its Ahmedabad Branch at the Space Applications Centre, ISRO Ahmedabad, on Friday, marking a significant milestone in advancing aeronautical sciences and fostering collaboration among professionals in the aerospace sector.

The inauguration ceremony commenced with a welcome address, followed by a felicitation and lamp invocation, setting a dignified tone for the event. DK Singh, Associate Director, SAC welcomed and felicitated the dignitaries by offering a shawl. Siddharth Kumar from AeSI Headquarters introduced the society and its mission, emphasising the role of the new branch in Ahmedabad in contributing to the national aerospace objectives, highlighting the importance of AeSI in promoting aeronautical research and innovation in India.

Dr G Satheesh Reddy, former Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister and President of AeSI, delivered the presidential address, focusing on “Defence Technologies for India’s National Security.” His insightful talk underscored the critical role of advanced technologies in strengthening India’s defence capabilities. He emphasised the technological development done in the field of defence towards achieving the goal of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Somanath, Secretary, Department of Space, and Chairman, ISRO, who is also the President-Elect of AeSI, gave the keynote address.

He elaborated on the strategic importance of aerospace advancements and the collaborative efforts required to propel India to the forefront of global aerospace research and innovation. Adding further, he said that AeSI can be the enabler for the development of aeronautics in the western part of India, and Ahmedabad is going to be the hub of aeronautics.

The ceremony also featured felicitation of Secretary DoS and former Secretary Dept. of Defence R&D by the SPACE Society of Mechanical Engineers (SSME). Honorary SSME life membership was conferred upon Dr G Satheesh Reddy by Shri Neeraj Mathur, President, SSME. The establishment of the AeSI Ahmedabad branch is expected to foster greater engagement and collaboration among aerospace professionals in the region, furthering the goals of technological advancement and innovation in the aeronautical field.