HAL Chairman R Madhavan confirmed that the ELTA’s ELM-2052 AESA Fire Control Radar (FCR) configuration finalised on LCA Mk.1A is different from the ELM-2052 AESA radar integrated on the Jaguar Darin III, Even though both radars will be manufactured at Avionics Division Hyderabad by HAL under Transfer of Technology (ToT) agreements from the IAI subsidiary, ELTA .

Nose cone size limitations on the Jaguar Darin III meant that the Antenna size that could be used on the aircraft had to be smaller but Tejas Mk1A that has a bigger nose cone will be equipped with a bigger antenna for its ELM-2052 AESA radar that will also have higher power supply so that it can cater to the bigger antenna.

ELTA’s ELM-2052 Fire Control Radar (FCR) has a scalable antenna size that is adapted to aircraft nose limitations. ELM-2052 on Jaguar Darin III is speculated to have 500+ transmitter-receiver modules (TRM) on its antenna and Tejas Mk1A due to its bigger antenna will have 700-800 transmitter-receiver modules (TRM).

HAL is already testing Uttam radar developed by LRDE but it not likely it will replace ELTA’s ELM-2052 Fire Control Radar (FCR) in Tejas Mk1A first lot even though it has cleared the majority of its development phase. HAL is hope full that it will be ready and replaced when it enters production while Tejas Mk1A is still under production.

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