The Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA)’s LCA Team will be getting their hands-on, Now Written off Russian-manufactured, MiG 29K combat aircraft of the Indian Navy which had crashed while it was trying to take off Due to the malfunction, the aircraft could not take off and sustained damages to the airframe and fire damage to its airframe. Aircraft after the incident was examined if it can be repaired back and after examination, with a Russian team it was declared Cat. 5 which means ” aircraft is damaged beyond economic repair”.

Navy has confirmed that TEDBF which is new Twin-engine Fighter Jet ADA is developing for the Indian Navy to be operated from decks of aircraft carriers will be replacing its 45 odd Mig-29K fleets from 2034 onwards with TEDBF, it also has confirmed that Navy is not too happy with the fleet and will be retiring them in less than 18 years from them entering service and already has lost two aircraft in accidents in last four years after their induction.

ADA’s LCA Navy Team is the same team that has designed LCA Navy Mk1 and Mk2 and was among the small team which has successfully demonstrated landing and take off a fighter jet from an actual aircraft carrier. ADA’s LCA Navy Team has been given access to Mig-29K to study how TEDBF can be designed and what mistakes can be avoided. Earlier rendition of the TEDBF shows it will be based on tried and tested LCA-Tejas design philosophy but this will be the first time team is working on a Twin-engine fighter jet Since AMCA Team is different and are working parallel, it will need all the help it requires.

ADA Chief has confirmed that TEDBF will take off in 2026 and Team doesn’t have much time and the first complete design of TEDBF will emerge by 2022 and work will begin in 2023 onwards till the prototype is ready for first flight by 2026 and enter production in 2032. The team has now gained years of experience working with LCA-Navy and has gained valuable experience with Naval aviators who are working closing with the Team to develop a carrier-based fighter jet that is superior to Rafale M and F-18 E/F when it enters production.


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