Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) will be showcasing a full-scale Cockpit Simulator at the Aero India 2021 for the first time. Advanced cockpit with Wide Area Displays(WAD), touchscreen, and 3D display for the excellent user interface is been under works for some time and for the first time Public will get a view of final cockpit layout configuration that has been selected for the AMCA Mk1 fighter jet.

AMCA will be getting Voice-activated commands for Hands-free operations of basic functions for the pilots. AMCA Cockpit will feature Wide Area Displays(WAD) Touch screen Color 20×8 cockpit display instead of a 3 5×5 Multi-Function Display (MFD) seen in Tejas Mk1A jets.

Tejas Mk2 cockpit has been showcased with one single Wide Area Displays(WAD) and one smaller center backup display but AMCA will have much improved Wide Area Displays(WAD) when it enters production and will support much more functions. AMCA cockpit will also feature Artificial Intelligence to provide 360 situational awareness to the pilot and also reduce his workload.

AMCA cockpit for the first time will feature a collision-avoidance system and sensors that will be able to take control of the jets if the Pilot becomes unresponsive on controls due to blackout or due to any other medical conditions. Cockpit sensors will take control of the aircraft and move the aircraft to the lower altitude till the pilot regains consciousness, ADA is also fiddling with the idea of remote take over of the aircraft if the Pilot is unable to take control of the jet in case so that aircraft could be piloted back to the nearest airbase or airport. AMCA will also feature an Automated Takeoff and Landing System (ATOL).

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