While Six Squadron of Tejas Mk2 jets that the Indian Air Force has committed to procure might not be enough to fill in the void left by the retirement of three types (Jaguar, Mig-29, and Mirage-2000) from the IAF fleet. has been told that 3-4 additional squadrons likely be procured at a later stage powered by a new indigenous engine generating 110kN of thrust.

A special variant of the Tejas Mk2 like an advanced airborne electronic attack (AEA) platform that will need additional power from the engine might be developed with a higher thrust engine for which ADA will need to wait till 2035 before the new engine is ready.

DRDO GTRE plans to develop a new 110kN engine for the AMCA MkII program and a derivate of the same engine with much more safety features will be developed for single-engine jets like Tejas MkII soon after. Tejas Mk2 fleet will be getting an engine swap option after a new high-power engine is developed but 3-4 squadrons of newly build Tejas MkII as part of the second batch will be getting them first if the new engine development can meet its deadline.

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