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After maiden trials of the AD-1 Interceptor missile, which is part of India’s Phase-II Ballistic Missile Defence Shield, DRDO has commenced work on the fabrication of the AD-2 Interceptor missile that can intercept IRBM (Intermediate-range Ballistic Missile) targets with a range between 3000 to 5500 kilometers.

AD-2 will start trials sometime in late 2023 or in early 2024 as confirmed by Dr. Samir Kamat, Chairman of the DRDO. By 2025, DRDO wants both the Interceptor missiles to be tested and validated including new long-range radars with a scanning capability of over 1,500 km.

AD-1 and AD-2 which are part of the Phase-II Ballistic Missile Defence Shield will be adequate against the full spectrum of Pakistani and Chinese IRBM and ICBM threats including ballistic missiles with MIRV capabilities. Deployment of Phase-I Ballistic Missile Defence Shield is already happening on the western borders which will provide multi-layered protection to the Delhi-NCR Region and Mumbai.

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