Hand-made grenades, crude explosives, bullets, bullet-proof jackets, satellite phones, and other communication devices have been seized in at least four different instances while being smuggled into Myanmar, according to security officials stationed in Mizoram.

“Investigations into cases involving the recovery of items have revealed that armed groups fighting against the military are attempting to organise weapons in order to intensify their armed fight against the military.” As a result, vigilance has been increased along the Indo-Myanmar border in the Northeast to ensure that Indian soil is not used for any unlawful activities, whether inside or outside the country, according to a security official.

Security agencies in the region, however, have recently claimed that they have begun to witness a “reversing trend,” in which rebel groups in Myanmar are now found to be using Mizoram to arrange and transport arms and equipment to aid their fight against the military junta that usurped Myanmar’s elected government last year.

According to Assam Rifles, more than 20 Myanmar nationals have been arrested in Mizoram alone in recent months for alleged involvement in the smuggling of arms, drugs, gold, betel nuts, and other items. “We have asked the local administration to conduct proper documentation of Myanmar nationals who are constantly coming to Mizoram due to conflicts in Myanmar,” an Assam Rifles official said.

On October 26, Assam Rifles and Mizoram police seized a further stash of equipment and arms from Niawthlang village in Siaha district, along with a satellite phone, an airgun, airgun pellets, batteries, and other items. In that particular instance, four people were arrested.