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India on Friday slammed a recent documentary released by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), calling it full of “blatant untruths”, “biased”, and “reflecting unprofessional reporting”.

The ABC documentary made sensational claims of Australia being unhappy with India’s “spy operations” in the country that allegedly targeted Sikh separatists. “It contains blatant untruths. It is biased and reflects unprofessional reporting. It appears to serve a particular agenda, to malign India. We obviously oppose any such attempts to condone, justify or even glorify terrorism,” Randhir Jaiswal, spokesperson for the External Affairs Ministry (MEA) told media in New Delhi on Friday.

“The very basis of this documentary is something that is questionable,” he added.

Last year, during Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s state visit to India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had expressed strong concern on the growing incidents of vandalism and violence by pro-Khalistani outfits that targeted the Indian community and temples in Australia.

Albanese had then assured Prime Minister Modi that his government has a “deep understanding” and appreciation of India’s concern and will be taking all necessary measures to ensure that peace and harmony prevail in their society.