Hailing the ties between India and the United States, the Ambassador of the US to India, Eric Garcetti, said on Tuesday that the relationship between the two nations is multiplicative in nature.

He said that when India and the US come together, the relationship becomes very important for the world. “…What this US-India relationship is about and I’ve been telling people recently that this is not India plus the United States. It is not an addition, an additive relationship,” Garcetti said at an event here in Delhi.

He noted, “It’s multiplication, a multiplicative relationship that, when we come together, is more powerful than just the two elements for ourselves and just as important for our world.”

The US envoy further went on to say that these ties were witnessed in the G20 Summit in September last year when India and the US came together as partners.

“We witnessed that in the G20 when we came together as partners to bring 18 other countries and much of the developing and developed world together behind the ideas that principles still matter and that something like democracy and empowerment is worth fighting for,” Garcetti said.

“That a rules-based free market system is something that, in balance with the conscience of taking care of all people, is a better system than something just directed by a state…” he added.

In the early weeks of January, Garcetti said the foundation of the bilateral ties between India and the US is built on the four Ps: Peace, Prosperity, Planet and People.

“Whether it was our dual diplomacy in the G20, whether it’s the work that we’re doing in the health sphere, whether it’s the way that we can look at trying to build peace in the world. The four P’s, as I call them, are the cornerstone of our vision here as America in India through the mission here of peace, prosperity, planet and people,” said the US envoy.

Garcetti said that he took up the role of ambassador as US President Joe Biden told him that India was the most important country for him.

The US Ambassador said: “There is a great awakening happening between the United States and India. When the president asked me to consider this job, he said, it’s the most important country in the world to me now. He really feels that. And I believe that too, or else I wouldn’t have taken this job.”

Eric Garcetti had stressed that the US and India, being the two greatest democracies, can show the world what it means to be moral leaders at a needed moment.

“There are dictatorships in the world and there are democracies. The US and India, as the two greatest democracies, can show the world what it means to be moral leaders at a moment when we need it,” he said at the USC-India Innovation Summit earlier.