The last two years have seen rapid growth being made in augmenting capabilities of India’s missiles system by the DRDO and 2022 will also see many new systems finally breaking cover and getting tested for the first time. DRDO in recent times has shortened developmental trials but has stressed more on testing missile systems that are near production-ready that also shortens user trials stage.

2022 is the year when DRDO promised that India will be free of importing any type and kind of missile system and many one of kind missiles systems that are in development will soon be heading towards test ranges in the next few months and 5 big-ticket Missiles System that is to be tested in 2022 are…

MPDMS : It is expected that in 2022, DRDO developed MPDMS (Man-Portable Defensive Missile System) which will be the World’s first Autonomous MANPAD with a Data Link system that connects an individual or a small team of people to the networked environment to help in better identification of hostile targets and also reduce friendly fire incidents but also in a way enhances capabilities of troops on the ground against aerial targets. MPDMS will go for its first developmental trial sometime by mid of 2022.

Astra MkII : Major boost to India’s air to air arsenal will come when DRDO starts developmental trials of the 160km ranged Astra MkII Beyond air to air missile system for which modification and certification on Su-30MKI aircraft are currently underway. Astra MkII will be the first to incorporate a Ku band AESA Seeker that will eventually also find its way into Astra MkI.

K5 SLBM : India’s not so secretive longest submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) with a range of 5000km was sanctioned in 2015 is set to be tested sometime in 2022 for which most of the ground testing and work has been completed and the project is now moving towards fabrication stage to start developmental trials of the missile that will be integrated into S4 and S5 Class submarines in near future.

Rudram II : India’s Next Gen Air to surface Heavy Hitter missile system with 198kg Penetration-cum-Blast (PCB) warhead that is designed to take out concrete protected structures likely will be tested in the third quarter of 2022. Rudram II’s PCB warhead has an ogive-shaped projectile containing explosives intended to breach the concrete protection and then burst and likely will be used against runways, bunkers, aircraft hangars, and other reinforced high-value structures targets. Rudram II will be followed by Rudram IIA and Rudram 3 series of A2S Missile Family that will have a range of 300 to 550 km.

Pralay : Short-range quasi ballistic missile for battlefield use that was sanctioned way back in 2015 had been in development for a while now and they are indications that will be tested sometime in 2022 finally. Pralay carries a Preformed Fragment (PF) warhead of either 175kgs or 385kgs and will be used for targeting C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance ) installations, radars, and comms infrastructure.

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