The Ministry of Defence recently put out a Request for Information for 350 Light Tanks in the 25-ton category and according to information provided to more than 5 Indian defense sector companies are keen on submitting their bids to the Indian Army with their proposals. Korean Hanwha Defense with its Indian defense partner Larsen & Toubro has submitted bids for the K21-105 Medium Tank that has a 105mm turret mounted on a K21 chassis.

Mahindra Defence Systems Limited (MDS) with the BAE System will propose an upgraded light tank, that is based on its M8 Armored Gun System for which it has developed some of the pre-production vehicles that are presently under trials for the US Army. The 24 ton Light Tank will be powered by a 600 HP engine that can be fitted either with a 105-120mm cannon and requires only 2 crew to operate. 3 of these light tanks can be transported via C-17 aircraft in one sortie, increasing the ability to move faster to conflict zone.

Heavy Vehicle Factory, Avadi (HVF) a state-owned Public sector company will be offering its indigenous light tank design that will be based on the 125 mm smoothbore gun barrel and power plant developed by DRDO’s High Altitude Operable Powerpack (Engine + Transmission) of 1000hp is also on offer.

Tata Advanced Systems Limited is also keen on submitting its bid for the light tank requirement of the Indian Army. Another private sector company Himachal Futuristics Communications Limited (HFCL) which will also be sending its bid.

Russia developed amphibious Sprut-SDM1 light tank trials were recently witnessed by the Indian Army personals. it is not clear who Russia plans to tie up with for local manufacturing of the tank if their bid wins. Other four Indian companies have called for an extension of the RFI time frame by one month, which has been accepted by the Indian Army.

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