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In the case of Indian nationals who were duped with job offers in Myanmar, External Affairs Ministry on Thursday said that three Indians had contacted for repatriation and one has already been brought back. During the weekly media briefing, MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal, “Three Indians in Myanmar contacted the Indian government for repatriation and one of them has returned. We are in touch with the two other departments.

And the embassy there is working as to how they can get them released as early as possible.” He futher reminded of the notice to job-seekers that cautioned them to be careful, while applying for job in South East Asian country.

“But at the same time, we would have seen that we have issued several advisories where we have cautioned people to look for opportunities of employment, opportunities abroad, that they should be careful when they’re accepting employment for people from agents who are verified to take proper care and not just sign off on contracts,” said Jaiswal.

Indian nationals have been duped of job offers from transitional crime syndicates in Myanmar and were made to work under harsh conditions. So we will yet again through you and through all of you remind people who take up this assignment that they should be careful in their approach,” said MEA spokesperson.

Earlier, Indian Embassy in Myanmar shared that over 400 Indian nationals have been rescued so far and asked Indian citizens to exercise caution and not get trapped in such fake job offers. Earlier in September 2022, in an advisory to Indian citizens, the MEA had cautioned IT-skilled youth who were the targets of such fake job rackets. In October, India rescued around 45 Indians trapped in fake job rackets in Myanmar.