Indian Air force which operates a large Su-30MKI fleet has plans to upgrade these jets with Indian-made avionics and weapons so that they remain relevant till 2045 but post that fleet will be replaced with a next-gen fighter jet. While India is focusing on the development of 5th gen AMCA fighter jet for the time being but the focus will start shifting towards 6th gen successor from early 2030 onwards said officials while speaking to

United States, China, and some European countries have started work on 6th gen fighter jets that will go into production sometime in 2035-40, and it’s important that India too start preliminary research work on 6th gen fighters so that it becomes reality by 2040-45.

India has been late to join in the development of 5th gen fighter jets but various technologies that are in development will make AMCA sit just above all present 5th gen fighter jets, unofficially making it the first 5.5gen fighter when it enters production in 2035. while the definition of 6th gen fighter is still sketchy but the incorporation of AI and hybrid engines with better thermal management is some of the areas that will define a 6th gen fighter jet said the official.

What the user (Air Force ) might want in 6th gen fighter cant to be predicated right now but we are studying new emerging technologies that will eventually find their way into a 6th gen fighter said a key official to

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