Boeing Defense has confirmed that 276th and final C17 Globemaster III is heading to India soon to join into the fleet of 10 C-17s already operated by Indian Air Force. Last unsold C-17 Globemaster III air-lifter was picked up by India after production of the air-lifter was stopped by Boeing Defense due to lack of fresh orders from United States Air Force.

Last C-17 was manufactured in 2015 and remained in Boeing storage facility before it was ordered by IAF in 2018. Final Boeing C-17 Globemaster III heavy-lift jet has been equipped with India-specific systems before it was ready for its ferry flight to India.

India had to sweat it out to acquire the Last Unsold C-17 due to serious interests from Qatar and Australia who operate 8 C-17 fleet each in their respected air force. IAF wanted to acquire two more C-17 to take the fleet level to 13 but red tape allowed other Countries to pick up last 9 unsold C-17s from Boeing. IAF is still eyeing to procure 2 Used C-17s from US Air Force Reserve which has around 18 older air frame with low air frame hours in storage.

With just 11 C-17 in its fleet, IAF has become Second largest operator of the air-lifter, behind USAF which has around 222 in its fleet.


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