While talks with French aerospace engine major Safran might be progressing well but the British engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce is also eyeing a deal to co-develop a 110kn class thurst engine with India is still not out of the race as talks with both prospective partners are still ongoing confirmed industrial sources close to

Negotiation with Safran in terms of workshare agreements and other details have been discussed in detail along with other aspects of payments. Some of the agreed terms have been that the engine be produced in India and India could possess intellectual property rights that involve the ability to export the engine to other countries without any restrictions.

Rolls-Royce’s roadmap offered to India covers most of the aspects mentioned above but both companies have set 4-5 conditions that are holding back India from announcing a winner. has been told that all will boil down to which company will back down on tone-down some of the conditions.

Some of the features of the new 110Kn engine are that it should have a supercruise without afterburning, low IR signature, high fuel efficiency, and reach speeds of Mach 1.8. AMCA prototypes are expected to use the US-made F-414 engine.

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