Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman is an important person who can piece together what happened on morning of27th February when he crossed Line of control and shot down a PAF F-16 later to be shot down by another F-16 in the area but the media gap self-imposed by the Indian Air Force (IAF) only shows how handicapped is Indian military services when it comes to information warfare where the Pakistani military has given free access to the Two Pilots who were flying F-16s to their media for propaganda purpose.

Pakistani account of that day has been published in International defense publications and pilots have been given free access to peddle their narrative about how they punished IAF for bombing Terror facilities at the Balakot, Irony of the Indian military is that not even other pilots who were up in the air and flying Mirage-2000 and Su-30MKI have been allowed to talk to media to give a clear picture of the event that day. lack of access to the pilots of the day has hampered the narrative which PAF has been able to build due to the absence of Indian counter directly from the man who was part of the aerial action that day.

Squadron Leader Minty Agarwal who was Fighter Controller with the Indian Air Force that day and was instrumental in guiding fighter aircraft to counter PAF jet was the only person who was allowed to be interviewed by Indian media where she confirmed events of the day and also punctured counterclaim made by the PAF that they shoot down Su-30MKI but the direct interview of the Pilots can help recreate what went wrong and what happened that day instead of letting PAF peddle its narrative freely and openly while IAF gags its Pilots.

Actual events of that day will come sooner or later when some of the pilots from that day retire and will go on to write a book or give media interviews to the but then it might be too late since it will mean a thousand lies of PAF will be considered Truth since it was set a long time ago and a thousand facts coming out later will not hold much importance after years down the line of the events.

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