Senior MBDA officials Speaking to Indian Media has confirmed earlier speculative media reports that the company has offered it’s Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM) to India to be integrated with India’s LCA-Tejas fighter jets.

Previous report (Click Here) had confirmed that Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems developed Python-5 fifth generation Close Combat air-to-air missile (AAM) was facing integration problem with the LCA-Tejas due to exessive vibrations recorded at 0.9 Mach during Captive flight trials.

Python-5 has been carrying out Captive flight trials from LCA-Tejas Limited Series Production types from 2016 onwards but is yet to actually fire the missile from the aircraft, hinting that the problem is yet to be resolved.

In 2014 India and UK signed agreements to procure 384 ASRAAM from MBDA to replace the aging Matra Magic R550 for its DARIN III upgraded AESA radar-equipped SEPECAT Jaguar Strike aircraft.

ASRAAM offers Lock On After Launch (LOAL) mode with Instantaneous cueing from radar or helmet sight and has Outstanding resistance to countermeasures. ASRAAM has been integrated with Typhoon, Tornado and F/A-18 and is also being integrated onto the F-35 Lightning II.

Russian designed R-73 Within Visual Range (WVR) Air-to-Air Missile has been tested and cleared for India’s LCA-Tejas fighter jets but it was later decided that weapon system will not see service with operation Squadrons.



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