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People’s Liberation Army (PLA) as been using cyber-espionage for economic gain for the Communist party for years now and there have been several instances where Military Intelligence has been gained by cyber-espionage unleashed by PLA but Beijing’s cyber war capabilities to hurt rivals economically could change the strategic balance between India and China eclipsing the potential rising tensions near Sikkim and Bhutan border .

Indian strategic experts have long feared growing Beijing’s cyber war capabilities and its abilities to integrate cyber weapons and information dominance into its military strategies, while many Security experts do agree that China is yet to acquire a total war capability in cyberspace against India but present Beijing’s cyber war capabilities can hurt Indian economy for short term if unleashed .

India is yet to build its own Cyberware fare defence mechanism systems which can take on electronic torpedos and logic bombs which are part of Cyberwarfare. PLA is trying to develop cyberwar technology which can disable or cripple frontline warships or Military communication network before actually war takes place and according to an expert by 2030 PLA will have military capabilities in cyberspace which can be used to launch a militarily disabling cyber attack on India.

But the present technology of PLA Cyber-ware unit can hurt India’s economic sector and can be used to target Countries financial institutions or Government networks to which can hurt Indian economic to a larger extended. China militarily can hit our Military communication network to carry out military espionage and it time India starts building its own Cyber-ware unit which can be deployed to carry out offensive Cyber-ware when faced with Cyber-ware from other rivals in the region.


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