Chief of Army Staff Mukund Naravane of Indian Army while speaking to amid increased attempts by the Pakistani Army to infiltrate trained Terrorist across Line of Control (LOC) has warned Pakistani military that their policy of trying to bleed India with 1000 cut for last two decades will not work and is failing.

Chief also said that Pakistani Army Policies continue to fail but it beats his imagination that they think it will work in the first place and yet they continue to reinforce their failures in Kashmir. their strategy of death by 1000 cuts and ours will be death by 1000 cuts and the plus one will always be with us (Indian Army) and they will never succeed until they realize both countries can work for peace full borders.

Naravane hoped that good sense prevails in the minds of the Pakistani military establishment but it beats me as an Army professional why they still want to press on with a policy that has failed to give them any results and dividends.

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