US President Obama will coming to India next week and Indian media have been on overdrive on possible military deals with United States on key technologies which will kick start “Make In India” campaign started by India’s Prime Minister Modi for Defence production in-country.

Contrary to the Hype which has been created in India media, reality is completely opposite. United States in past and even now does not support full Transfer of Technology (TOT) to many key allies and there is no special exemption to India too, Many of the defence deals with United States have been through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) which means there is no Transfer of Technology (TOT) involved in such deals .

United States has been reliable weapons supplier where most of the weapons systems ordered by India have been delivered on schedule or earlier, so too has been service and spare support But US has a Partner in Defence Production has been lack lustering due to Internal mechanisms in US departments which prevent greater cooperation.

Indian Navy’s P-8I aircraft ordered from United States were missing key communications system and Combat Management system which were substituted for Indian ones due India not been signature to many controls regimes.

Us recently refused to provide TOT for Javelin ATGM which lead to India ordering Israeli Spike ATGM for local production and later US offered TOT and Co-Production of next Generation ATGM which was rejected.

US Company Moog Inc, which specializes in designing and manufacturer of motion and fluid controls and control systems for applications in aerospace, was contracted to supply of Rotary Actuator for Rustom-2 but it failed to get the export clearance licence by Us authorities to supply this to India, leading to Rusom-2 test flights been delayed.

Even possible deal on the purchase of Northrop Grumman developed RQ-4 Global Hawk or its Marine version MQ-4C unlikely to take place due to Missile and Technology Control Regime (MTCR) which India is not part of, Negotiation and agreement will need to cover additional control measures and access to Global Hawk to US personnel for inspections routinely in India due to sensitive payload technology used in the UAV .

While US Government few years back removed Ban on dual-use technologies that could be used for both civilian and military purposes.This Ban had affected DRDO and ISRO in past but even after withdrawal of Bans. on the ground, little has changed since US still has not made access to technologies easier to Indian Defence labs.

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