State-owned Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for the first time has confirmed at DefExpo 2020 has revealed that India is working on a new tactical ballistic missile capable of striking targets at a range of 200km. Close Range Ballistic Missile (CRBM) has been named Pranash, while it has its origin to the Prahaar missile, but as per configuration asked by the Indian Army, Pranash carries different designs and specifications then Prahaar missile other than just additional 50km range as mentioned by National Media.

Pranash CRBM has a length of 6.7m vs 7.32m of Prahaar and is 0.38m vs 0.42m in Diameter, which makes it shorter and much skinnier than the Prahaar missile while the weight of both missiles still stands at 1.3 tonnes and still carriers a 200kg payload and has an accuracy of CEP <20 meters but Pranash is now mounted on a 6×6 High Mobility Vehicle (HMV) allows better mobility at mountain terrain.

Pranash CRBM not only has an additional 50km range when compared to Prahaar, but it also has a minimum range of 40km vs 60km which allows Pranash to hit targets much closer to the launch site. Pranash also has higher impact velocity then Prahaar and they might be many such differences that are yet to be revealed but will eventually make it out on why Pranash was chosen over Prahaar.

Prahaar CRBM was tested in 2011 and was developed by DRDO without any input from the Indian Army. Prahaar remained on back burners even after successful tests since Army was not interested in mobile tactical short-range ballistic missile back then but a few years back when they showed interest in the Prahaar CRBM it didn’t meet many requirements due to which Pranash was conceived to meet Army requirement since many of the technologies already developed for Prahaar will be used on the Pranash CRBM.

Pranash CRBM along with its longer sibling Pralay SRBM will play a critical role in theater level conflicts against hostile fire weapons, air, and anti-missile defenses, command posts and communications nodes and troops in concentration areas, both Pranash and Pralay, when inducted in Indian Army, will clear paths to retire aging Prithvi 1 tactical surface-to-surface short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) developed by DRDO in the ’80s.

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