British Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon confirmed that Rolls Royce and DRDO have been working on developing an engine for military jets but refused to provide more information on the jointly developed jet engine.

India to has remained silent on comments made by Fallon and has not confirmed nor denied statements made by him that Rolls Royce and DRDO are working together on developing an engine for military jets.

The secrecy behind the Joint development of Jet engine is leading to all kind of speculations. Since the proposed engine which Fallon claims will have the highest thrust and a Technological Demonstrator of the engine will be ready in 12 months suggests the deal was concluded some time ago but was kept under wraps for some unknown reasons.

For AMCA ??

Both UK and India have not revealed the actual purpose of the jet engine and its application nor details of the engine under development. Speculation is that UK and Indian might be working on new high thrust engine to power India’s AMCA project but India’s AMCA its self is yet to go, official.

For LCA-Tejas ??

Another section of Indian media is speculating that new engine might be actually be used on Upgraded LCA-Tejas MK-1A which will go into production by 2019. India has used General Electric provided F404-GE-IN20 afterburning engines for its Tejas MK-1 but is yet to award repeat contract for their 83 LCA-Tejas MK-1A, which India plans to develop post completion of production order of 40 Tejas MK-1.

For Jaguars ??

Add to that, there is also speculation that UK and India might have taken up Small-scale joint development of new uprated Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour Mk 102 turbofan engine to power Jaguar fleet which is due to for a power plant replacement to enable it to serve Indian Air Force up to 2034-35.

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