Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi again for 100th time called up OIC Secretary-General, Dr. Yousef A. Al-Othaimeen, to update him on the so-called aggravating situation in Indian Jammu and Kashmir including Indian move to alter the territory’s demography and he also called up UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to discuss Kashmir, diplomatic push even when Pandemic should have been the key focus area of the country shows that Pakistan has failed to rake up Kashmir issue at International forums with any major success to show to its local population.

Majority of Pakistani Media which has been pro-Imran Khan and Pro-Establishment since India withdraw Kashmir’s Special Status has been quite vocal of the failure of the government to punish India which according to them breaks imaginary International laws on Kashmir, recent domicile law by India on J&K gives equal rights to the people of India to become a citizen of the newly formed Union Territory which they see has plans to replace local Muslim population of the UT with Hindu population.

Any debate on Kashmir in Pakistani Media shows that the frustration has been building up due to lack of international pressure on India due to Kashmir, attempts to have a discussion on Kashmir in United Nation Security Council with help from Big Daddy China has been deflated by aggressive Indian diplomatic offense and most of the critics of the government specially elected representatives in the west and Europe have adopted golden silence after the spread of Chinese virus world over, China is fast losing its cloud in global stage and most of the countries don’t want to be seen in the Chinese camp other than highly debited ones on Chinese loan like Pakistan.

Plans to use Cadres of Taliban in Kashmir post-withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan also seem to have dashed after the Taliban refused to fight on behalf of Pakistan in Kashmir which has only increased level of frustration among Pakistani deep state and establishment. Vocal criticism of Pakistan government has been coming from inside and frustration seen in Puppet Prime Minister of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and his calls to invade India only shows that clam heads at top-level Politicians have been replaced and many hotheads who often advocate war with India.

Selected Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has been on his Twitter offensive against Modi and India since Indian withdraw of Kashmir’s Special Status and has been declaring an imminent attack on Indian forces by India to start a war against Pakistan which they call as “False Flag”, which only shows that Pakistan is either desperately trying to grab world attention by making silly comments on Indian forces or many attempts already have been made by Pakistan backed Terror group to target Indian forces but failed miserably.

Recent Defensive air patrolling by Pakistani Air Force with AWACS and Fighter jets only confirm that Pakistan doesn’t like Unpredictable India anymore and is quite nervous after any terror attacks against Indian forces in Kashmir, Since Khan, till now has claimed multiple times about so-called “False Flag” operations, India needs to demand proofs of his claims and on what basics he has been making such ridiculous statements in the past and also asks the International bodies like UNSC to investigate such claims made by a man who at least on paper hold keys to the Country nuclear arsenals.

If Khan keeps harping on “False Flag” claims it only confirms what Indian defense analysts have been saying back home that ” False Flag claims are attempts by Pakistan to buy Insurance policies against possible full-scale retaliation by India forces for terror activities which Pakistani deep state is planning with its non-state actors against India.

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