Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and DRDO developed Medium Range surface to air missile (MRSAM) have started to be deployed on vulnerable airbases of Indian Airforce from 2016 onward and as production capabilities soon will touch 100 missiles per year, Airforce and Army is all set to nearly seal the western airspace with Pakistan with all new age air defence system which will force Pakistani air force to stay out of Indian airspace in event of war.

IAF’s and Army’s version of MR-SAM by 2023 will be deployed at full Strength and more firing units and regiments will be added to give near perfect coverage of border airspace but that’s not all indigenous Akash Short range Surface to air missiles too are proving their mettle and both airforce and army are happy with its performance.

In addition to that, DRDO is already working on Akash1S with new seeker along Akash mark-2 which will ensure that the western sector gets excellent lower and mid-tier air defense coverage and with the deployment of Israeli SPYDER air defense missile system on the western border will only strengthen its preparedness to strike down any aerial threat from Pakistan.

In the long-range end game, S-400 with the ability to hit targets as far as 400km over enemy targets will ensure that Surveillance aircraft and AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control Systems) aircraft even while flying well inside Pakistani airspace will have to be a bit extra careful and on defensive to ensure that they don’t provide Pakistani air force fighter fleet force multiplier advantage.

Both 40N6 (400 km) and 48N6 (250 km) very-long-range surface-to-air missiles which will be part of IAF’s S-400 anti-aircraft weapon system might even keep force multipliers like AWACS and Mid-Air refuelers out of the war, nearly crippling Pakistani Air Force to play defensive rather than offensive in the western sector.

DRDO’s QR-SAM Tactical Mobile Air-Defense system which is designed to move with Strike Corps and provide Air defense Cover to the attacking formation is another headache which PAF will have to deal with if it chooses to intervene and come to aid of Pakistani Army.

Pakistani Army and Pakistani Air Force are known to fight their own separate wars without any synchronization and not as one unit as seen in the previous wars with India and in Kargil War, PAF in fact was completely out of the picture when IAF bombarded mountain tops where Pakistani army had intruded in Kargil War. Cutting edge air defense systems like MR-SAM and S-400 will ensure that Pakistani Air Force like in previous wars is not much of help to Pakistani Army.

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