Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) recently cracked a huge order for LR-SAM/MR-SAM Air Defence System from Indian defense establishment worth over $2.6 billion, largest in IAI’s history and the history of Israel leading to a massive jump in companies profit.

LR-SAM/MR-SAM Air Defence System will be used by Indian Navy, Indian Army and Indian Air force to provide Medium-level Air-Defence coverage for its vital installations and will continue to remain one of the key air defense systems with Indian armed forces for next three decades to come while continually ranking mullahs for Israel Aerospace Industries.

LR-SAM/MR-SAM Air Defence System might be dubbed in India as a Defence Joint venture between India and Israel, but deal analysis also confirms that whole joint venture rather is a shame in name of Joint venture between two countries because other than 50 % equipment and components used in the missile like dual-pulse motor, which is of Indian origin. whole Barak-8 Eco-system like MF STAR radar, Combat Management System, Mobile and Radar power supply are supplied by Israeli companies, limiting Indian equipment to the eco-system to only on local production of launcher and reloaders and for Mobility Heavy trucks used for MR-SAM system.

Israeli Barak-8 variant is not equipped with any Indian systems and which allows them to sell the same missile system to other countries without any interference from India. IAI reportedly has sold Barak-8 to Azerbaijan and also has offered Barak-8 to Poland and Germany, while India cannot offer or sell its MR/LR-SAM versions without Israeli equipment and approvals.

If India wants to reduce its import bill and also become independent of defense suppliers then India should start planning to substitute MR/LR-SAM missile eco-system with an indigenous one. India is already working on adding seeker to Akash Air Defence system to improve its reliability and is also working on new extended ranged Akash-2 Surface to air missile system and have also developed a new 30km QR-SAM Air defense system which can provide aerial coverage while on the move for troops and the strike armored divisions.

India is also working on 250 km ranged XSRAM Air Defence system which could provide extended air defense coverage. People with the know-how of the project claim that idea of XSRAM Air Defence system is to replicate S-400 Air Defence eco-system which India will be procuring from Russia soon. XSRAM Air Defence system if true then will allow India to integrate multiple missiles with the same ecosystem with different ranges.

If India’s XSRAM Air Defence system will have multi-missile systems like S-400 system then India will need to develop a new ecosystem which will lead to 4 or 5 new missiles to replace current crops of air defense system in the long term which should be the ideal path to follow to completely replace imported air defence system in India .

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