At least 22 Security personals belonging to India’s Central Police force were killed in an ambush that was set up by nearly 400+ left-wing terrorist that has made India’s eastern jungles their base for over 70 years, in hopes of spreading a dying communist ideology for establishing Communist rules in India, that has seen hundreds of security forces being killed in operations that are often carried out in this deep jungles due to lack of effective airpower that Indian Air force refuses to provide for unknown reasons when world over security forces use special aircraft that are designed for counterinsurgency and close-air-support missions.

HAL developed HTT-40 turboprop aircraft if converted into a light attack aircraft like can provide excellent air coverage to the security forces who often go inside the Jungles that are infested with the left-wing terrorist, which allows them ample time to set up ambushes and boobytrap to often target security forces. not using airpower for providing an eye in the sky and also as an element that will deter such ambush is hurting the Indian central police force badly due to the lack of will power of the Indian air force.

Central police have started using unmanned aerial vehicles to track the movement of the left-wing terrorist in the jungles and often they do spot their movement from the air, but they are unable to attack them since most of the unmanned aerial vehicles provided to them are unarmed, due to which they role are limited to providing intel and Surveillance input rather than in the offensive roles. Central police are still dependent on IAF for providing unmanned aerial vehicles for providing them required intel for their operations and often it is very difficult to come due to hesitance of the IAF.

HTT-40 aircrafts equipped with wing-mounted machine guns, rockets, weapons integration with advanced surveillance, and precision-guided bombs will devastatingly be effective against covert left-wing terrorist bases deep inside the jungle. Turboprop Light attack aircraft can fly low and slow and are better equipped than an armed drone or an armed helicopter for close ground strike operations. HTT-40 Light attack variant should be owned by the Central Police forces and should be equipped with enough firepower to sabotage any planned ambush in the area where can be used to provide airpower escort.

A large section of the Left-wing academies and politicians that are often called Urban Naxals in the country might make hue and cry on the usage of aerial firepower within the country and might raise human right issues with help of their comrades in western countries, but we have to remember that these people are waging war against the idea of the Democratic Republic of India and are not fighting for protecting their resources that are often used as a cover for advocating their left-wing insurgency in the country. Building up of the roads and other infrastructure projects in left-wing insurgency-dominated areas has shrunk their area of domination but we know they are weakened but not destroyed yet.

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