Chances of India’s first locally developed fighter aircraft going back in the air as part of Indian Air Force’s Vintage Squadron seems to be very slim after Senior serving air force official confirmed author that IAF has no plans to resurrect at least one working HF-24 aircraft back to life to be part of Vintage Squadron.

Reasons behind this decision are still unknown but it is a major setback to the people who were involved in the program and to the pilots who flew them that HF-24 Marut will not be back in the air again.

HF-24 Marut was withdrawn from Indian Air Force from mid 80’s even when many aircraft still had few more years of service life left in them. last batches of HF-24 Marut when withdrawn had less than 100 hours of flight time in them and could have been easily used to resurrect back to life few HF-24 for Aviation enthusiasts and fans of the project.

IAF plans to have a Vintage Squadron consisting of Dakota DC3, T-6G Harvard Spitfire, Hawker, Gnat, Lysander and Wapiti aircraft in its vintage squadron over the next 10 years. the addition of HF-24 Marut could have delighted many Indians who were not fortunate enough to see them flying.

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