Amid Doklam standoff between India and China which can lead to small scale border conflict and due to deepening of crisis in the South China Sea, Western leaders for long have been flirting with idea of creation of an Anti-China Military Alliance similar to NATO in Asia which will be used to by front-line states like Japan, India and Vietnam to use military force to prevent China from taking military control over their disputed territories .

U.S./UK/Japan and India lead Military Alliance in Asia never took off since many countries in Asia were most interested in trying to tame the Dragon rather than provoke it and formation of such Anti-China Military Alliance could have lead to strong reactions from Bejing.

Chinese media rhetoric on the contest to Doklam standoff and their flexing of military power already have many countries in Asia jittery and Western leaders will exploit this fear if India and China go to war to built Anti-China Military Alliance in Asia. China will be outnumbered if such Military Alliance is formed in Asia and qualitatively will have a superior enemy to fight and with no allies with China, China will have to fight alone making their leaders quite nervous.

China till now has been able to bully each country with whom it has some level of disputes and many countries too have not joined forces to fight China to maintain peace but even a small border conflict with India will have far greater repercussion then what 1962 India-China war had in China and will trigger a massive reactions from other countries in the region .

China needs to watchful that a small scale conflict in the region might just trigger what it fears the most, that is the emergence of Anti-China Military Alliance in Asia.

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