Sudhir Mishra CEO&MD, BrahMos Aerospace while speaking to Indian media revealed how Russians were surprised when India was able to integrate BrahMos-A Supersonic Cruise missile with Sukhoi-30MKI without taking any help or collaboration with Russian companies.

Mishra also confirmed that when Indian decided to integrate 2.9 tonne Cruise missile on Sukhoi-30MKI, Russians being Orginal equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of both missile and aircraft were first asked for collaboration, initially Russians refused and later agreed to a hefty amount.

Russia had asked 250 million $ dollars for integration of Brahmos to Sukhoi-30MKI which Indian negotiation team felt was way too expensive but when repeated round of meetings and negotiations to convince Russians to reduce their price failed, India almost gave up the project but later decided to pursue it locally without help from Russians.

Key challenges faced by HAL and BrahMos Aerospace was to work together without taking any consultation and help from OEMs since both aircraft and missile required heavy hardware and software modifications. But both Companies came together to define the area of work which both will require realised for the project to be successful.

HAL Nashik carried out Internal Structural modification of the Sukhoi-30MKI aircraft. aircraft structurally had to be strengthened to carry extra weights without becoming overweight leading to deficiencies in normal operational performance.

Aircraft required precisional Structural modification and strengthening and had no scope for over-engineering (additional safety measures ) with strict guidelines set by Indian Air force. Aircraft also had to go through certification by CEMILAC which is Center for Military Airworthiness & Certification Organisation.

BrahMos Aerospace also had an equally challenging key area of works lined up. BrahMos weight had to be brought down to 2.5 tonnes and missile also required key changes made to its Nose Cap and also needed modification to its Satellite Navigation systems, INS and other systems to be compatible with avionics of the aircraft.

BrahMos Aerospace was also tasked to develop Biggest launcher ever developed by India which interestingly is also dubbed has universal launcher since it can be used also for Nirbhay cruise missile. launcher due to lack of facilities in India had to be tested outside India to certify its design and structure.

BrahMos Aerospace also carried out various Wind tunnels test, CFD tests to determine captive flight and separation tests from Sukhoi-30MKI to avoid losing aircraft in a freak accident, another challenge was to integrate missile into Fire control radar of the aircraft and also create firing mechanism as per set guidance of Indian Air Force.

When Russian officials as OEM of Sukhoi-30MKI checked the aircraft after modification and strengthening were in for a surprise and praised HAL team for carrying out precision work on the structure.

When India started flight trials of BrahMos-A on Sukhoi-30MKI, current Sukhoi-30 operators were thrilled and inquiries started flowing in with HAL and BrahMos Aerospace on how it can be replicated on their fleet. Visiting Russian Air force officials too were impressed seeing integration of BrahMos-A on Sukhoi-30MKI and have asked their government to procure BrahMos-A from India to be integrated with their Sukhoi-30SM fleet.

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