DRDO and TATA Motor developed Wheeled Armour Platform (WhAP) is India’s First Infantry Combat Vehicle designed for optimized survivability, all-terrain performance and increased lethality have been cleared by the Ministry of Defense in India suggesting that the combat vehicle is nearing its production soon.

WhAP8x8 comes in various variants such as Armoured Fighting vehicles, CBRN vehicle, Recce & Support vehicle, Medical Evacuation vehicle, Engineer Squad vehicle, Mortar Carrier, Commander’s vehicle and Anti-Tank Guided Missile vehicle.

Indian Army has inducted a few of the WhAP Infantry Combat Vehicle in its arsenal for testing and trial purposes and the vehicle has been tested in India’s North-Eastern states and high altitudes areas of Ladhkak and J&K also floatation trials of WhAP (AP-II) were conducted at Mula Dam, Ahmednagar during June 2017.

WhAP has a seating capacity of 10+2 people and is powered by a 600 hp engine coupled with automatic transmission and is a modular vehicle with interchangeable snap-in modules. WhAP has been star attractions at bi-annual defense expo exhibition held in India from 2014 onwards and has been showcased to Military attache in India and many countries have expressed interest in its procurement.

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