Indian OSNIT community has provided pictures of the Army owned WhAP 8 x 8 Amphibious Wheeled Armoured Vehicle getting offloaded from IAF’s C-17 Transporter presumably plans to procure 200 armored fighting vehicles for deployment in different sectors in the frontier with Pakistan has been fast-tracked Amid heightened tensions between India and Pakistan. Army had recently announced its plan to procure 198 wheeled armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) for reconnaissance and support to tank regiments in mechanised warfare.

Army owned WhAP equipped with Anti-Tank missiles could be ordered soon as per media reports and the Government is also keen to procure more of them at later stages. Picture of Kalyani M4 a 4×4 armored protected fighting vehicle, Paramount Maverick 4-Wheeled Light Armored Internal Security Vehicle, and WER’WOLF Mk II Modular Mine Protected Vehicle has been also doing round which has been also moved to Ladhak for the last leg of trials before the winner is announced.

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