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Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), a human rights advocacy group, has come under the scanner for its alleged links with Pakistan as it has come to light that the group’s website is being managed out of Karachi.

The online presence of the 2020 referendum, which is seeking secession of Punjab, also throws up enough traces that lead to Pakistan. ET has learnt that there is a link between two websites — www. and with A browse through SFJ and other referendum related websites leads to website. 

It was also found that websites of leaders of this movement, such as Gurupantwant Singh Pannun, are also linked to this Pakistan-based website. While these leaders demanding Khalistan have always denied their Pakistan-links, they failed to cover these links online.

ET has learnt that these websites are not only managed from Pakistan, but they are hosted on the same virtual private server with their domains being hosted through the same Florida based website, The role of a Pakistani national Amir Siddique, who claims to be a Karachi-based freelance web developer, is suspected. He has also claimed to have developed the website Siddique is also the chief technical officer at Android Web Productions, a company with offices in Florida and Karachi. Pakistani Army’s links with SFJ have so far been suspected, but now links in the virtual world seem undeniable, according to experts.

SFJ claims to be a human rights advocacy group with offices in Canada, the US and the UK. It has been rallying support from across the world for the success of the August 12 London Declaration planned at Trafalgar Square, London.

SFJ is actually “sponsoring” Punjabi youth as well as political activists to take part in the August 12 event in connection with their campaign of “Referendum 2020”. SFJ is also arranging free stay for visitors from Punjab from August 10 to 14 for the activists in London.