Among threats of War with India after the abolition of Special status on Kashmir, Pakistani Scan and monitoring of the media and ex-military officials it doesn’t seem like Pakistani military is currently preparing for war but denying any such Mis-adventure in near future could be foolish, Chatter within Pakistani establishment is that all diplomatic efforts will be tried including taking matter into United Nation Security council while military prepares intervention in case of circumstances which it plans to achieve.

The Pakistani military will continue to rely on its low-cost Jihadi option for time being to create a domino effect so that India will need to scale up its operations which will create the path for international interventions on Kashmir matter but will also use the time to prepare for possible full-scale war with India.

Talks of ex-military officials on Pakistani media clearly hint that full-fledged war is not on the minds of the Pakistani military but plans to increase non-state actors in the region will be high on the agenda but many are cautious if it can have a ripple effect on the possible backlash from the International community. Any Terror attacks on India will be dubbed as False flag operations by Pakistan  to keep their civilians fooled like seen in the past.

Ex-Indian military officials including ex-Army Chief have cautioned Indian government about possible Mis-adventure in the small sector to create an atmosphere which could create a path for international interventions on Kashmir matter. Pakistani military might plan a large scale attack before winter sets in the Kashmir region and use this next few months for possible operations.

India needs to be on the toes till winter sets in at the start of the December later this year. Large scale infiltration attempts already have been made in the past few months but due to depleted strength of Terrorists in the valley not many large scale attacks, especially suicide bombing and IEDs couldn’t be planned due to large scale crackdown by the security forces.

The Pakistani military will try to increase its strength of Terrorists in the valley in the next few months before it can plan operations for that, Intelligence agencies have already hinted that attacks might take place in major Indian cities if the Pakistani military is not able to carry out any operations inside the valley due to frustration and need to be on guard.

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