Squadron leader Meet Kumar who died in the MiG 21 crash of June 18, Chose to save the Patta village when his ill-fated aircraft malfunction over ejection when carrying out certification sorties of repaired Mig-21 over Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district thus saving lives of nearly 50 Villagers in the process.

When Elders of the Villagers learned about the circumstance of the crash of the aircraft and how Meet Kumar died saving their village through media reports, have now decided to honor their savior by building a Burst of the Pilot as a small memorial to the heroic Pilot.

“When you are flying this aircraft, the MiG-21, you feel none other than god,” was wise words of late Squadron leader Meet Kumar in an Interview to a TV crew a few years back and he did play the role of God when he decided to make slow level circular flying to avoid crashing into houses of the villagers and in this process crashed his aircraft into an open field leading to no fatalities of civilian in the process.

Impact of the crash was so severe that the body of the pilot was not found for hours and the Villager on who’s land aircraft crashed has come forward to donate a small portion of his land for the memorial and all the villagers have decided to contribute from their own to develop the memorial and have not asked any help from local authorities.


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