Acontroversy erupted on Thursday after a picture bearing the slogan ‘Vetrivel, Veeravel’ was seen at the entrance of the Army Regiment in Madukkarai of Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu. The image went viral on social media. “Vetrivel, Veeravel”, translated to “victorious spear, courageous spear”, has been historically used as a war cry by Tamil warriors since ancient times.

The slogan “Vetrivel, Veeravel” was used by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) unit of Tamil Nadu during its Vel Yatra before the 2021 assembly election. The slogan was also used by PM Modi during his campaign in the state.

However, the Department of Defence’s Public Relations Officer said the slogan had been at the Army Regiment in Madukkarai for ages and each regiment in the Army had such distinct victory slogans.

“Vetrivel, Veeravel has been used by the Madukkarai Regiment and has no other connection”, the official said.